What’s The Best Bottled Water?


What Is The Best Bottled Water, And Where Does It Come From?

The fact that Summit Spring captures real natural Maine spring water from a centuries old true free-flowing source, without the use of pumps or boreholes, and then gravity feeds the water to their bottling facility located just 50′ away is to me, the ultimate in pure untouched spring water!

Summit Spring -“Living” Spring Water ReviewSUMMIT SPRING

Product details at a glance
Product name- Summit Spring Water
Where to Buy Amazon.com
Category- Grocery & Gourmet Food
Manufacturer- Summit Spring
My Rating- 5 stars out of 5
Price-$53.86 (50 Ounce Pk12)
IngredientsPure organic spring water

  • Summit Spring is a rare, high altitude, natural free-flowing spring that exists today exactly as it has for all of recorded history
  • I can honestly say this is by far the best tasting water 
  • The water has structure
  • Pure, Natural, Untouched. Gravity fed, straight from Mother Nature, the source
  • Glass bottles available

 Product Overview

 Summit Spring’s Raw “Living” Spring Water is gathered from one of the oldest and most revered natural spring water sources in North America, and comes to you just as it “bubbles from the spring™” mere minutes after leaving the Earth. Shielded from sunlight the entire way, this raw spring water comes straight from Mother Nature without ANY filtration or treatment.


“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, and all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.” ~ Cree Prophecy

Today most all rivers and streams are contaminated due mainly to man made pollutants. To drink out of them would cause most people to become sick…and even worse the same chemicals that are in use today to protect ourselves from these and other pathogens and pollutants, usually cause more harm than good!

Bottled Water

This has given rise to the “bottled water industry” most of which are as polluted as the tainted water they say they are protecting us from –and the rest,  molecularly changed as to not give the benefits of the pure raw vitalized water nature had intended, and provided us to drink!

The most precious gift I can think of to give to my readers is the gift of Pure Raw Living Spring Water. Spring water that I drink myself everyday! Unchanged for thousands of years, and as pure as nature can make, giving your body the vitality and re-vitalization it needs- Summit Spring.


Other Bottled WaterCRYSTAL Geyser Water

Product details at a glance 
Product nameCrystal Geyser Bottled Water
Where to buy-Amazon.com
Category Grocery & Gourmet Food
Manufacturer-Crystal Geyser
My Rating- 4 stars out of 5
Price-$7.99  16.9 oz, 35ct
IngredientsNatural Spring Water

  • 100% recyclable PET bottles double-disinfection system ozonation process and 0.1 micron filtration help ensure water quality and purity chlorine-free
  • Water is carefully selected from 6 pure, protected springs, then bottled at the source for freshness
  • bottles are made out of extremely cheap plastic and they crumple very easily



Product details at a glance
Product name Dasani
Where to BuyAmazon.com
Category- Grocery & Gourmet Food
Manufacturer Dasani
My Rating- 3 stars out of 5
Price-$2.98  8 ct, 12fl oz ea.
IngredientsPurified water, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, salt*†, *adds a negligible amount of sodium, † minerals added for taste purified by reverse osmosis.

  • Pack of twenty-four, 10.1 FL OZ per bottle
  • Purified water enhanced with minerals for a pure, fresh taste
  • PlantBottle packaging is up to 30% made from plants
  • 100% recyclable plastic bottle
  • Filtered by reverse osmosis to remove impurities, then enhanced with a special blend of minerals for the pure, crisp, fresh taste 


Summit Spring Raw Water

Gravity fed, Unfiltered and Untouched


We deem ourselves “Water Stewards” and as such this is OUR PLEDGE…
T0 Fiercely Protect and Preserve the Sanctity of Nature’s Most Extraordinary Gift of Life — A Natural Spring — For All of Time — A Sacrifice Honored in Perpetuity… To be laudable and worthy stewards — In Mother Nature’s Eyes…

PS: I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about Summit Spring “Living Water” or want to leave your own personal comment, please share your experiences below!

I drink to your health,



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Hi Tom, you’ve highlighted a really important topic. Chemicals and pollutants are damaging our planets natural resources and ability to heal. Water being an important resource is constantly coming up as full of harmful pollutants. In my house, we converted to bottled water a long time ago and haven’t looked back since.

Thanks for the information.



    ​Hi Aisha- Water truly is “Nature’s Most Extraordinary Gift of Life” and our bodies cannot due without it. However my recommendation to you is as soon as you are able to switch drinking your spring water from plastic bottles to glass, as plastic bottles will leech chemicals into the water that can harm the body.


Spring water looks like a good choice. I would certainly recommend to get the glass bottles if possible. Plastic bottles are notorious for chemicals leeching into the water that can harm the body. it isn’t just BPA either according to a recent study. Other chemicals also have the same or greater hormonal (estrogenic) effect as BPA.



    Hi Gary- I agree with you. Not only is Summit Spring Water gathered from one of the oldest and most revered natural spring water sources in North America, it also comes bottled in glass. I would avoid using plastic, glass is the way to go!

Monkey Man

Hi Tom-

Just last month I had a guy come over and try to sell me an $8k water system. His main pitch was “you can stop buying bottled water”. My response was “I probably won’t stop because I love bottled water!” I usually get dasani when I go to the store.While I’d love to get Summit Spring, it’s probably too rich for my blood. I’ll settle for Crystal Geyser thanks to your review!



    Hi Brad- Hear’s the deal with Summit Spring vs any bottled water.

    Their Raw Living Spring Water is gathered from one of the oldest and most revered natural spring water sources in North America, and comes to you just as it bubbles from the spring mere minutes after leaving the Earth. Shielded from sunlight the entire way, this spring water comes straight from Mother Nature without ANY filtration or treatment.

    Summit Spring, the source of Raw Water, is so pure that they were given the first and only exemption from treatment in Maine’s history. Summit Spring water exceeds every State and Federal guideline for drinking water, straight from the ground. We know of no other source in the United States that is allowed such latitude.

    I also know the owner and I trust him. So I know where the water comes from. I know that nothing is being added to it, and nothing is being taken away-such as reverse osmosis water.

    I KNOW THAT I AM GETTING THE MOST PURE SPRING WATER ON PLANET EARTH THAT I AM PUTTING IN MY BODY! AND…….I can get it in glass bottles from Amazon, to keep shipping cost down.

    No amount of money can compensate for that. That is why I recommend it to my readers, for their health.

    All the best- Tom

Michael Hills

Summit Spring bottled water looks awesome! I’m all about living water. I use a special 5 part filter system to turn dead, chlorinated tap water, into reenergized, re-alkalized drinking water. Now this process sometimes takes a while, so having equal quality water in bottle form, to grab and run with, is appealing. Do you think the Summit Spring water is equal or better than properly filtered water?



    Hi Michael- I believe Summit Spring water is by far much better than any filtered water. Without getting too far into the weeds, when you change the molecular structure of water you change the properties of water. Summit Spring is Spring water, untouched, nothing added and nothing taken out or changed in any way. By far the purest form of water left on this planet.



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