What Is Optimal Health Or Whole Health Nutrition?

What Is Whole Health Nutrition-And How Can It Change Your Life?

Whole Health Nutrition is Optimized or Optimal Health and Well-Being through the use of Organic Whole Foods.

Some guidelines

Taking responsibility for your own health-  To maintain optimum health and longevity, the body and mind need to be looked at from a nutritional whole health or holistic approach, and proactively rather than reactively. Homeopathic and herbal medicines, aromatherapy, dietary supplements, massage therapy, chiropractic, reiki, reflexology, acupuncture and other healing modalities all have become commonplace, and are now tools at our disposal.

Listening to your body- the need for movement (exercise)- This takes time, patience and practice, as most of us are not really fine tuned to the needs of our bodies. However one thing is for sure, if you are not moving, you may never achieve optimal health.

In fact being sedentary leads to many unwanted health issues.There’s no getting around it, we need to get up, and move(exercise). My preference is short interval training, swimming and walking. Never stay seated for longer that 30 minutes at a time. Move!

Being aware of what you put into your body and small plate tactics- Years ago most of us could get away with eating pretty much any foods. The vegetables were not heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals, the soil had a healthy vital living ecosystem that sustained plants and animals, but nowadays not so much.

When you go to the grocery store do you actually read the labels? Do you know where the food you will be consuming comes from, how it was grown, what has been added to it? If not, then you are most likely contaminating your body, and for your own health need to start educating yourself. Read the label, and if it contains words you cannot pronounce, you probably don’t need to be eating it.

A great majority of the illnesses present today, ones that may be staring you in the face in years to come, can be directly related to what you consume today. Taking responsibility for your own health and well-being just makes sense.

If you typically shop at farmers markets or whole foods etc. then you are a step ahead. However the next step is choosing whole food items over anything processed or refined, and it’s really not that difficult. In general, in most grocery stores the whole food produce items will be along the outer walls and the processed junk in the middle of the store.

And choose organic over conventional. It may initially be a bit more expensive (that’s changing) however your long term medical bill will be considerably less.

Mindful Eating-When eating be mindful (feel gratitude for your food) and use smaller plates, or fill the current one only half way, eating slowly and consciously. Once you eat what is on your plate, if you are still hungry wait a few minutes, you may find the urge passes. These are just general guidelines, and may need to be adjusted as circumstances dictate.

The Need for Silence (meditation)-Meditation and mindfulness practice has been around for ages with many well publicized health benefits, including increased concentration, lowered blood pressure, more restful sleep, decreased anxiety, reduced stress and a general feeling of happiness and well-being among others. Make this a part of your daily routine for whole health wellness.

What Is Whole Health Nutrition-And How Can It Change Your Life?

Some thoughts on Organic Fair Trade Foods

Fair Trade products/produce are focused on the welfare of the people who produce the product, as well as those that consume it. It is a win-win situation, good for you, good for the farmer, and good for the planet.

The Fair Trade Premium, a portion of money which is used to improve the overall quality of the lives of the farmers, can help to maximize production, set up education or healthcare systems, improve farm equipment, and so on. Another win-win.

Produce that has been farmed without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides is typically known as organic. Thus by not ingesting harmful chemicals which are usually sprayed or applied to crops by  conventional farming methods, these foods will offer what nature intended, without dangerous side effects or long term illnesses.

Organic produce is beneficial for the farmers as well, who are constantly in contact with these chemicals in a conventional production system. By choosing organic the resulting harmful consequences to the producers, the consumers and our planet, are reduced. This will change their lives for the better and yours as well!



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