Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms-Have We Reached The Tipping Point?

Toxic Earth Syndrome-Have We Reached The Tipping Point?

What happens to the drugs we (and our animals) take after we use them?

What do we mean when we say Toxic Earth Syndrome? Well recent studies have detected low levels of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, including hormones, steroids, antibiotics and parasiticides, in soils, surface waters and ground waters through out our country. This is an alarming development that should get everyone’s attention. The toxifying of our planet, and through the food we consume, ourselves!

So where did you think all this medical waste went after being ingested?

These human and veterinary therapeutics are released into the environment by various methods. After administration, human medicines are absorbed, metabolized and then excreted to the sewer system.

They usually go through a treatment plant before they find their way back into our water and by the application of sewage sludge back onto the land. Other routes of entry include into the air and through the disposal of unused medicines and containers.

These substances may be degraded somewhat by biological organisms in treatment systems, however  still pose a risk and are increasing everyday. Some of these products used to break down the waste have similar toxicity to their parent compounds.

This in itself should be an indicator that something else needs to be realized. If what we are treating these toxic substances with now, is just as toxic as the substances we are trying to manage, then we are on the wrong track, and may need to look at the entire cycle in another manner.

Soylent Green?

In the circle of life nothing goes to waste, you cannot destroy energy, it just takes on another form.

I am not sure if many of you were aware, that pharmaceuticals have been released into the environment for decades polluting our air, soil and water. 

Just because medical waste is deposited into the ground does not mean it just dissolves, or disappears never to be seen again, it has to go somewhere.

This raises some serious questions about how this mixture of veterinary and human medicines abundant in soils and surface waters,  has an impact on beneficial organisms in the environment and on human health.

This potential problem is not to be underestimated. Human medicines including antibiotics, statins or cytotoxins used in cancer treatment, as well as oral contraceptives, acetominophen, acetylsalicylic acid, ibuprofen, naproxen and carbamazepine and a wide range of others are being introduced into our drinking water,the air we breathe and the foods we eat every day at an alarming rate.

Also contributing to the stress on the environment are veterinary medicines, such as antibacterials, antifungals and parasiticides from aquafarming and agriculture. These substances often find their way directly into soils and surface waters, unlike human medicines which usually go through a water treatment plant first. 

Are you starting to get the picture? The same drugs we use to treat illnesses for specific individuals, parasites in animals, and diseases in crops, are being re-circulated back into the environment and everyone is being contaminated by consuming them in the food we eat.

Toxic Earth Syndrome-Have We Reached The Tipping Point?

Have We Reached The Point Of No Return?

I like to stay optimistic and hope we have not reached that point yet, however if things keep going at the rate they are, we may suffer some serious consequences,  as we are already seeing now in the form of new and unknown diseases.

So what can be done now, right away to help alleviate the situation?  I have put together a few bullet points that might be a great start in this direction. However in the final analysis, I believe a new way of thinking in all these areas needs to be applied.

  • On the food side, choose grass fed, free range organic meats and organic produce.
  • Use more probiotics and less antibiotics-for people and animals.
  • Be responsible in the disposal of any medical waste-New innovative technology and research in this field needs to be done.
  • Farmers opting for permaculture methods over single field crops.
  • Stricter commercial farming practices-less pesticides, more organic methods, more family farms.
  • Instructional forums and blogs.

Toxic Earth Syndrome-Have We Reached The Tipping Point?

Toxic Food, Toxic Supplements?


Which leads me to another issue regarding the food and vitamin supplements we consume on a daily basis. With regard to the food we eat my first recommendation would be to grow your own, and if that is not available to you then buy organic produce (whole food) from a local farm, or farmers market you are familiar. Also at stores such as whole foods, or similar type markets where they sell organic produce.

Always make sure you know where your food was grown, or raised and exactly what’s in it. For those of you who would say that it is too much trouble, or buying organic is too expensive I would say, how expensive is your medical insurance, because you are going to need it, soon. Start reading the labels and thinking long term health and well-being!



As more people are becoming aware of not only the poor quality of the food being grown conventionally due to single crop farming methods, pesticides, gmo’s and the ongoing contamination of our soils and water, the supplement market has grown exponentially.

With supplements, like food, you need to know exactly where they come from, and what ingredients are being used to avoid adulterated substances that may potentially have harmful short and long-term health consequences. Read more about this subject in my new article 10 Foods Not To Eat-Is What I’m Eating Killing Me

Some adulterated substances are widely known, while others are being investigated. An article written by Gabriels et al. 2015 for the Nutrition Journal investigates one of these substances  “scrap melamine”.

A variety of effects mentioned or associated with melamine intake, although inconclusive in humans, are, nephrolithiasis, chronic kidney inflammation, and bladder carcinoma.”

More research needs to be done, and awareness raised, to find new innovative solutions to this serious toxic problem. The earth cannot wait, and neither can your health. 

How would you help solve this issue?

The first step in solving any problem, is being aware that there is a problem.

Be a part of the conversation- and let me know your ideas on the methods you would use to address this alarming issue. Even though we physically can’t always see where these toxins are going by introducing them into our water, food and air, are they really going to waste, or just being recycled back into the environment for your consumption?


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Gabriels, G., Lambert, M., Smith, P., Wiesner, L., Hiss., D., 2015. Melamine contamination in nutritional supplements – Is it an alarm bell for the general consumer, athletes, and ‘Weekend Warriors’? Nutrition Journal, 14:69. DOI 10.1186/s12937-015-0055-7


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