The Best Raw Honey Review

The Best Raw Honey Review

So where can you get the absolute best raw honey-read my review below and I will share with you which honey I use daily!

Not All Honey Is Created Equal

The antibacterial activity in some honeys is much more powerful than in others! Processed, refined honey is NOT appropriate for use in wound care. In case of fact, your average domestic “Grade A” type honey found in the grocery store will likely increase infection. It also will not offer you the same health benefits as raw honey when consumed. 


Raw Honey

Raw honey– (nectar from flowers) that is pure, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed, preserving all the natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other nutritional elements.

Wee Bee Honey
Apiary-Wee Bee
Where to
Price$23.12 ($0.72 / oz) 32 oz glass jar
Rating– 5 out of 5 Stars★★★★

  • 100% Naturally Raw Honey
  • Never heated, filtered or strained
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes & antioxidants
  • Contains pollen, propolis, & crushed honeycomb
  • Kosher

Who is Wee Bee

Wee Bee is an American family apiary who has been in the beekeeping business since 1892. They are a split operation, in the state of New York and Florida. Today, they have approximately 2000 bee hives and produce and hand-pack their own raw honey.

Completely unprocessed, unlike conventional honey they are essentially an organic farm and label their honey as pesticide free. To help their colonies remain strong and healthy in the face of what is now referred to as colony collapse disorder (which has led to a drastic decline in bee populations), they do not use chemicals or pesticides on or near their beehives, instead they opt to use essential oils. 

I personally  prefer companies who bring the honey they farm directly to market. In my opinion, this type of transparency to the consumer results in 100% commitment and pride in the product that will end up on our tables.

If you only try one honey I recommend Wee Bee- for the cost, quality and flavor!

Why Buy Wee BeeRAW HONEY

  • Wee Bee are the beekeepers and the competition simply sources and packs honey produced by someone else.
  • Anyone who wants real Raw “pesticide free” Honey
  • Wee Bee is essentially an organic bee farm. They do not use pesticides or chemicals on or near their bees. Their bees are settled in wild areas, allowed to forage only on wild flowers. Far from contaminates and far from cultivated crops. In addition, they have their honey and pollen tested by a USDA lab for a wide range of chemicals.
  • There are countless testimonials of how Wee Bee raw honey has helped people medicinally with ailments such as acid reflux, ulcers, allergies, sore throat, cold, mouth sores, wounds, burns, rashes and many others.
  • The flavor of the honey is heavenly 

Other Raw Honey

Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey – 22 oz

  • Price– $11.27 ($0.50/oz) 22 oz plastic jar 
  • Rating– 1 out of 5 Stars


  • The company misleads the consumer into believing this product is Organic by showing a photographic image with the word “Organic”
  • Honey comes in a plastic jar
  • Very hard…not pasty..not creamy..hard as in ‘candle’ wax hard. It is impossible to dip out with a spoon. You may have to heat the container in order to get any out, which defeats the benefits of raw and unprocessed.

Honey Tree Raw Organic Honey, Wildflower, 12 Ounce 

  • Price$6.60 ($0.55 / Ounce) 12 oz plastic squeeze bottle
  • Rating– 2 out of 5 Stars★★


  • Honey comes in a plastic squeeze bottle- sometimes hard and unsqueezable
  • Flavor is bit bitter-sweet (however some prefer this)
  • Honey comes from overseas
  • Not an Apiary (They say they are an ethically sourced pure honey supplier)

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Raw Honey, 16 Ounce Jars (Pack of 3)  

  • Price-(Pack of 3) $25.47 oz($0.53/ oz)
  • Rating-3 out of 5 Stars★★★

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Raw Honey

  • Pack of three, 16-ounces per jar (total of 48 ounces)
  • Thick creamy multifloral honey with delightful butterscotch essence
  • Collected by mayan beekeepers in southern Mexico
  • Fair trade certified and USDA organic
  • Plastic jar
  • GMO- free
  • Thick creamy multifloral honey with a delightful butterscotch essence


Various products derived from the beehive have been studied, and propolis has proved to be a product having beneficial results for human health. Note worthy among its properties are its antioxidant and anti-microbial action, its healing, analgesic, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory activity.

Adding a dollop of Raw Honey to your daily diet may help you to hold up better to the effects of aging, as well as decreasing anxiety and improving memory. The beneficial effects may be due to the antioxidant properties of honey.

Honey has had a long history in human consumption, and is used in various foods and beverages as a sweetener and flavoring. It has also been used in various medicinal traditions to treat ailments. Wee Bee makes a superior product while caring for the ones who produce it!

 Last Thoughts 

If you are reading this article then I must assume you care about the types and quality of honey and maybe even a certain autonomy for bees in recent light of what is happening to them. I ask that you consider this and take some time to become familiar with the methods available to you, to help and protect one of our most precious species of insect, the honey bee-the ones who work for you to pollinate your food.

Below is a short excerpt from Wikipedia on the possible issues causing or contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder.

“The mechanisms of Colony Collapse Disorder and the reasons for its increasing prevalence remain unclear, but many possible causes have been proposed-pesticides, primarily neonicotinoids, infections with varroa and  acarapis mites- malnutrition as well as  various pathogens, genetic factors, immunodeficiencies, loss of habitat, changing beekeeping practices or a combination of factors.”

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PS: I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions  or want to leave your own personal comments, please share your experiences with Raw Honey below!

To your good health, 


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