God And Other Men-An Amazing Journey

God and Other Men: Religion, Romance, and the Search for Self-Love


god and other men


Author-Myrna J. Smith
Where to buyThe Book Garden
Price– $12.95
My Rating– 4 0f 5 Stars★★★★
Paperback240 pages
Publisher: Cape House Books (October 23, 2014)
ISBN-10: 1939129044
ISBN-13: 978-1939129048
Bio-Myrna J. Smith, EdD, is a retired professor of English and comparative religions who continues to travel and explore the world’s spiritual traditions. God and Other Men is her first book.



Myrna Smith’s book God and Other Men is a compelling examination of a woman’s attempt to find meaning in her life by tying together the physical, social and spiritual aspects of her world. By putting these thoughts down on paper Myrna Smith is bringing the reader into her world allowing us to share in the adventure. 

This examination of her own life was always in the back of her thoughts but came to the forefront on a night in February when her husband walked out. Alone now, Myrna went back to her own beginnings trying to understand the meaning of the losses and deep pain that have marked her life.

Myrna grew up on a farm in Oregon. Her mother was an Evangelical Christian and her father a firm believer in reincarnation. As she struggled to understand her life, this background becomes the platform from which her spiritual journey begins, taking the reader down paths of Hinduism and Buddhism, meditation halls, and farther along into the backwoods to a medium teaching mystical healing. 

At the same time, as these sections of the book describe her exploration of spirituality, the physical world around her comes alive via vivid descriptions of the countries and cultures she explores and the introduction of a new lover. 

Taking a look at her life one sees that Myrna certainly has lived and experienced all that goes into the human condition from courage to doubt, from fear to joy, and all points in between.

What makes this such an interesting read is this; she does not return to any form of Evangelical preaching. Instead, she is just a writer telling a story and this allows the reader to interpret for themselves.



This book will not only feed your brain with knowledge of a woman’s attempt to find meaning in her life, but will also nourish your mind with understanding of social circumstances, tying together the physical, social and spiritual aspects of this author’s world. I highly recommend this book if you are seriously interested in finding meaning in your life and a spirituality that is sustainable. 

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