Five Foods Not To Eat

If you are overweight now or in poor health. eating Whole Organic Foods will do wonders to bring your body back into balance, and keep you at your ideal weight. 

Five Foods Not To Eat

Sometimes not eating certain food will also aide in this process and in the discussion  below we will show you five foods not to eat (to stay away from at all costs) and what foods you should be eating for optimum health.

The Art of Mindfulness

However something which has not been discussed enough I believe, is the art of mindfulness, which can transform our struggles with food—and renew our sense of pleasure, appreciation, and satisfaction with eating.

I feel it is worth looking into and we will attempt to break it down into plain English, which will  hopefully give you some much needed direction.strawberry

Since this article title is “Five Foods Not to Eat” we will cover what foods to steer clear of, the best healthy foods, and what initially to eat in moderation as well as Mindful Eating- which is key to a balanced metabolism leading to good health.

Fact-One thing you must remember, our bodies were engineered to move, so incorporating exercise of some form is critical if we are to attain any level of success in adjusting what we eat and moving to what I call total body balance. “EVEN IF IT IS ONLY WALKING MORE!”

I personally do not stay seated for longer than twenty -thirty minutes at any one time…..

 Foods not to Eat

Tip-when shopping You MUST read the ingredients list! For some this may take a little getting used to as it did with me, but this is the first step in taking responsibility for your own health and critical for finding out what it is you are really eating, what the actual ingredients are AND where it came from!

WHITE REFINED SUGAR Sugar White refined sugar in all its forms! Sugar is addictive, more addictive than heroin! Sugar is inflammatory as well as highly fattening and a leading cause of diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  Tip- instead of refined sugars use organic raw honey or stevia!
Trans Fats- Trans fats are a type of unsaturated fats which are uncommon in nature but can be created artificially.

They are chemically modified fats that are extremely bad for your health, increasing triglycerides in the bloodstream and promoting systemic inflammation. 

By raising levels of  lipoprotein LDL (“bad cholesterol”), and lowering levels of lipoprotein HDL (“good cholesterol”) consumption of trans fats has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease-just say no to trans-fats!

Some examples of trans-fats- margarine, fried foods, non-dairy creamer, fast foods, store-bought cake mixes and frosting’s.

Choose frozen foods carefully by discerning between the nutritious choices and those containing trans-fats. Doughnuts, refrigerated dough, microwave popcorn are included on our stay away from list as well. If you enjoy popcorn like I do, organic is available-go with this choice.

Check the Nutrition Facts label and the ingredient list. If the label says the product has “0 g trans fat,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it has no trans fats. It could have up to half a gram of trans-fat per serving. So check the ingredient label to see if “partially hydrogenated oils” is on the list. Those are trans fats too!

 Artificial Sweeteners- Studies show a massive correlation with obesity and related diseases resulting from the use of artificial sweeteners. A much better choice would be to use an organic plant based sweetener called Stevia- which is extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudianaor Raw Honey.

 GRAINSGrains- Avoid most grains until you hit your ideal weight. Avoiding  gluten grains such as wheat used in making bread and pasta, spelt, barley and rye which are the worst, is a must if you need to lose weight and keep it off.

At that point grains like brown rice and whole oats are fine-everything else in moderation.

 Seed- And Vegetable Oils- Processed oils with a high amount of Omega-6 fatty acids which are harmful include -soybean oil, corn oil and most vegetable oils.

Many studies have now shown that these processed oils with a high amount of Omega-6 fatty acids  can cause serious physiological changes within our bodies contributing to multiple diseases – Instead use olive oil or coconut oil.

 Highly Processed Foods- Avoid all foods that are highly processed as they are among other things usually low in nutrients and high in unhealthy chemical additives-instead heal your body, by consuming whole organic foods…

 “Diet” and “Low-Fat” Products- Be warned– by taking out the fat and introducing sugar you cannot fool your body. Aside from the debilitating effects of adding white refined sugars or any sugar to food, the manufacturers of Diet or Low Fat products remove what your body needs, namely “fats”.

So your body will assimilate the sugars and guess what- whatever it cannot use right away it will store as….yes you guessed it FAT! What has been missed here is the FACT that “consuming fat does not make you fat” Eating sugar makes you fat!

Some important information regarding fat and why the body needs it

Fat manages inflammation in your body-Fat does not trigger the hormonal changes that create fat storage like sugar and other starchy carbohydrates.
Fat is a structurally integral part of every single cell membrane

Fat is a source of energy

Fat triggers your satiation mechanism- Your body is never satisfied without fat, despite the number of calories you give it, this is why low-fat diets are doomed to fail. Consuming fat keeps you fuller longer while sugar leads to a sugar crash which makes you hungrier sooner and craving more sugar-so you eat more!

Supplements- why take them

A subject we have not discussed yet are supplements. Although I highly recommend eating whole organic foods, it still makes sense to supplement. Mainstream medicine and traditional medicines both agree that  supplements have merit because of the many chronic diseases that have been associated with vitamin deficiencies-

Nutritional deficiencies in our food (in my opinion, come from decades of poor farming practices and pesticides which have depleted and in some cases destroyed our soil).

Our food today is highly processed and in most cases genetically modified which destroys most of the nutritional content-hence the absolute need to eat ONLY ORGANIC WHOLE FOODS to begin with- then add specific supplements.

If you are looking for supplements that are backed by years of science I highly recommend Life Extension Products. I use them myself along with an organic whole food diet and have found them highly effective. You can read up about Life Extension Products and decide for yourself.


Healthy Foods

All organic whole foods! Included as a part of this group is a specific category called superfoods…

berriesSuperFoods-su·per·foodˈso͞opərˌfo͞od/noun plural noun: a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

 Superfoods- mostly plant-based but also some fish and dairy are nutritionally dense and loaded with anti-oxidents thus good for one’s health.
 Superfood groups include;berries, nuts and seeds in general, dark green vegetables, citrus fruits, fatty fish, vegetables with bright, dark, or intense colors, many legumes, peanuts, lentils, beans, raw cocoa, and whole grains as a group.

Mindful eating-can it help solve food issues?

 Mindful Eating encompasses the entire process of eating, it is an approach that involves bringing one’s full attention to the process of eating—to all the tastes, smells, thoughts, and feelings that arise during a meal. Mindful Eating is a powerful tool for developing a healthier, happier relationship with food.

Many people who struggle with food-over eating / under eating, react mindlessly to their unrecognized or unexamined triggers, thoughts, and feelings repeating past actions -feeling powerless to change.  Mindful Eating creates space between your past and current triggers and your actions.

To learn more about Mindful Eating and how it can transform your life please read my review about Jan Chozen Bays, MD.


PS: I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and please don’t hesitate to share it with friends and family. Join the conversation and let me know of your experiences with Mindful Eating – share your story below, and join me on other interesting articles at  


To your continued good health,


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Zombie Girl

Very interesting! I’ve read some similar articles, but hadn’t heard about avoiding all grains. I know eating processed white flour is pretty much a no go, but why rye, spelt and the such?


    Thanks for the comment Carolyn and great question- Humans have not always eaten grains and the body is not designed to digest processed grains at all! Grains contain Phytic Acid, a mineral blocker that prevents absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. This phytic acid is found in the bran of all grains as well as the outer coating of seeds and nuts.

    Sprouted grains would be the way to go as evidence shows that sprouting increases the content of many important vitamins, and breaks down the phytic acid. Unfortunately, most grains today are not sprouted and are consumed in much larger quantities than ever before, leading to spikes in insulin production which upsets hormone production in the body causing obesity and many other issues.

    Remember any extra glucose floating around in the body that’s not immediately being used to replenish glycogen stores is stored as fat. This is a natural response of our bodies that has allowed humans to survive for thousands of years, however nowadays we don’t end up using the stored fat-

    Hope that helps and please come back soon as we are always adding new and interesting articles-

    All the best-Tom


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