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About Tom  –  A student and practitioner of ancient and modern philosophy, whole food nutrition, science and healing.


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Healing Body and Mind is where I post weekly articles, on cutting edge research science involving organic whole foods and supplements, meditation and general wellness advice. We make every effort to be objective, truthful and unbiased. This site will help guide and move you to make your own informed decisions about your health, based on the best scientific evidence available today.

The main goal of this site is research, to search the scientific literature for answers, real answers preferably from randomized controlled trials, and to make it understandable to everyone.

In my posts and blogs I will share with you information on my insights and research on whole food nutrition, meditation and healing herbs. Information that’s not only changed my life, but has been proven to help people of all walks of life to find their own inner health and wellness.

I will recommend to you the most powerful nutritional foods, health techniques and advancements known to promote profound changes within your mind and body.

My blog’s and posts are not theory or exaggeration, but based in scientific research. They will give you access to a proven and life enriching set of tools, exercises, advice and instantly usable insights at your disposal.These tools and information will help you to rise above your past limitations, overcome your current health issues, and experience remarkable results in all areas of your life.

Why I Can Relate To Your Health Issues

Hi I’m Tom, and I have studied nutrition and whole health wellness for the past 20 years. But I was not always interested in this field of health. My focus began out of necessity.

While I was generally quite healthy growing up, there were many underlying health concerns that I and the people closest to me had, that continued to get worse as time went on and over the years started manifesting in various forms of illness.

Some of the conditions I was suffering from included, feeling bloated and gassy after meals, drowsiness in the afternoon, recurring sinus infections, frequent headaches, many cavities after years of perfect check-ups, weight gain even with diet and exercise, nervous leg bouncing, dizziness upon standing, IBS with tremendous abdominal pain at times, and after years of not being allergic to anything, I suddenly started developing allergies.

One rather nasty condition in particular, was a form of acid reflux. I found this out one night about 2:30 am when I suddenly awoke unable to breath with what felt like fire running up my throat. I truly thought I was going to die!

So I started investigating why I was having health issues and what to do about it, so I could help myself and the people I cared about. Over the next few years I read all I could about numerous health conditions and the causes, as well as spending countless hours online researching and finding solutions.

I also consulted with various holistic practitioners who educated me on how to encourage better health through eating organic whole foods and taking a whole body approach to getting back to and maintaining good health…and that’s when my health (and my life) completely turned around.

In many cases I discovered that these conditions were directly related to my diet. So I decided to use myself as the test case, and if I was successful, then I could use my new found knowledge to help others as well.

Initially I would continue the cycle of improving my health, and then reverting back to my previous eating habits. Each time I restarted my attempt to improve my health, it took longer to recover.

Finally, I chose a healthy lifestyle over sugar, fast food and highly processed food. Just a few simple modifications to how and what I was eating was all it took. I quickly noticed less gas and bloating after meals, and in a very short time my bowel movements became more normal and regular.

Soon after that I realized that my allergies seemed much better, and about a month down the road it occurred to me that I hadn’t had a migraine since I changed my diet. In addition, even though I was not overweight I dropped seven pounds without even trying.

This was the best decision I had ever made. Today, in my 50s, I have none of those symptoms listed above. I have never felt better, and am extremely happy. I have taken control of my health through proper nutrition and have never looked back.

After my own health transformation, I began teaching others because I wanted to help them achieve their health goals as well.

I continue researching organic whole foods and supplements to this day, and taking control of your health is what I want to help you to attain. Moreover, although a healthy, properly combined diet can go a long way to help encourage positive changes in your digestive and overall health, sometimes a good diet just is not enough, and people may benefit from additional assistance through nutritional supplementation.

Since its inception, Healing Body and Mind has helped thousands of people curb the symptoms of digestive disorders and other food related illnesses simply by educating them. Many of our clients have reported remarkable results such as losing excess weight, improvement and reduction with headaches, low energy, body aches and pains, allergies, arthritis and skin problems, simply as a result of eating more nutritious foods and promoting better elimination of wastes and toxins from their body.


So welcome; my journey continues, yours is about to begin…


Connect with me at tom@healingbodyandmind.org



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Personal development is one of my few passions. It’s always great to meet like minded people. I’ve bookmarked this site for future enjoyment.


Hi Tom I really like your website. Awesome! Personal development can be looked at in many different ways, body, mind, soul. I like how you discuss potential growth even for those of us who have very little practical experience! Thanks for your insight. I will visit often! A big hug! 🙂


    Thank-you Sowon for the lovely comment. Please come back soon as I am adding content daily that may be of interest to you…Also let me know what interests you!

    Best Regards,



What a marvelously informative and professionally laid out site you have here.
Thanks so much for the straight talk on proper diet, fat and our health.
I always think how sad it is to have to actually search out “Organic” food when that is all we should have ever grown in the first place.
Thanks Monsanto and Dow Chemical, we probably have their stock in our 401 K Yuck!
I have sold natural meats at the Farmers Markets in NYC quite a bit in the past, and people go nuts for the naturally raised meats not reared on corn, antibiotics and growth hormones.
The difference is amazing.
Thanks again, my best,



    Gary-Thanks so much for your comment. It is refreshing to hear from like minded (like informed) people..Please come back and visit again as I am always researching and adding new content daily-

    All the Best-Tom


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